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Leveraging people, processes, and technology to provide the best clinical documentation services.

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We are the physician's first choice for professional real-time healthcare services. Our processes deliver innovation, performance and excellence.

Real-time Medical Scribes

Having pioneered remote medical scribing in 2013, OG is the biggest and fastest growing provider of real-time medical assistants to physicians and hospitals around the world.



Based out of Bangalore, OG Healthcare specialises in outsourced healthcare services assisting physicians with clinical documentation and patient engagement allowing them to focus on what really matters, their patients. From humble beginnings in medical transcription and coding, today OG Healthcare is the world’s most reputed provider of remote medical scribes trained to document and code patient interactions directly into hospital EHR - in real-time!

In a span of almost 10 years led by the very best in the industry, Anthony Hales - former CEO and the success behind Healthscribe India - has grown OG's scribing business to over 400 healthcare professionals servicing physicians across the USA. In 2023, we expect this number to double as we on-board new customers, expand our range of both real-time and near-time services, and enter new markets.

Arguably the most successful trainer and provider of remote real-time medical scribes in the world, 95% of our healthcare customers in the US, Australia, and the UK have been using our services for over 20 years. Its not just our customers that we live for. OG's 9% attrition rates are a third of the industry norms, affirming the integrity of our corporate culture and the love we have for our employees.

OG Healthcare is focussed, organised, and committed to being the employer of choice.

Servicing large hospital systems, independent clinics, physicians, and frontier technology companies deploying IOT wearables and AI, OG Healthcare offers quality, consistency, and reliability.


24 hour turnaround time

“It's been incredible to witness and participate in OG's growth over the past 3 years - from both an overall headcount and process improvement perspective, the team continues to deliver excellent results.”
Peter Eason, Head of Business Operations (Augmedix)

The OG team is always professional and dedicated to the highest quality. They are constantly striving to improve and are utilising more and more data and analytics to achieve this.
Marcus Dorstel, Head of Analytics and Strategic Projects (Augmedix)

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